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31 December 2020 @ 05:40 pm

friends only
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Personal posts are locked, but fics, graphics, and art are unlocked.
No need to add me unless you'd like to be friends! x

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24 August 2014 @ 03:18 am

After not doing much editing work aside from my RP life-- here's some of the stuff I did while I was away.

[    001   ] Ohno Satoshi
[002-005] Kanjani8
[006-012] Kokubun Taichi
[013-015] Kokubun Taichi x Yamaguchi Tatsuya

Sparkly Johnny's.Collapse )

Please comment and credit if you take any.

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05 January 2014 @ 11:40 pm
Title: Yellow and Blue
Author: kon_bl
Pairing: Ohmiya (Gen/friendship)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The only thing that belongs to me is the plot. :(
Summary: Nino was special.
A/N: I actually wrote this for a tumblr RP, but I ended up liking it more than I expected so it's here, ha. Plus, it's impossibly rare for me to write Arashi gen. It's a little long to be a drabble maybe, but too short to be a one-shot so.
They weren’t brothers, weren’t colleagues, weren’t lovers.Collapse )

Comments much appreciated. x
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18 December 2013 @ 02:10 am
I just felt like doodling and well, I'm posting this one doodle because I owe kajalmonsta for dealing with my laziness.


juntoshi doodle

Sort of out of character ne? Ah well. I'll do some more proper drawings some day!

Goodnight x.
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20 August 2013 @ 09:43 pm
[001-003] Aiba Masaki
[004-010] Ninomiya Kazunari
[011-013] Ohno Satoshi
[014-018] Matsumoto Jun
[    019   ] Sakurai Sho
[020-021] Ohmiya
[    022   ] Matsumiya
[    023   ] Ohba
[    024   ] Sakumiya
[    025   ] Sakuraiba

Colourful pretties under the cut!Collapse )

Make sure to credit if you take any! Thanks. x
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11 August 2013 @ 10:54 pm

Title: The Plan
Author: kon_bl
Pairing: Honma Toshio x Kamiyama Satoru (The Quiz Show 2)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: This show and these characters don't belong to me! Only the plot does. :c
Summary: Honma has a plan once he is out of jail, and Kamiyama is dying to know.
A/N: For my darling kajalmonsta considering how I haven't written a fic in 32742983 years and we were discussing ships with sexual tension. We both ship this so suddenly this came about. Also I don't know how to write a summary.

The cherry blossoms were still in bloom the first time Kamiyama hesitantly made his way to the station. Collapse )

Comments much appreciated!

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09 August 2013 @ 09:36 pm

[1-4] Ohno Satoshi (+ Matsuoka Masahiro)
[5-6] Matsuda Shota
[7] Mizushima Hiro
[8] Ninomiya Kazunari

Ikemen under the cut!Collapse )

It's been awhile since I've made edited something here ne? If you take them, make sure to credit! No need to comment though.


It's been years, long long months, and I highly doubt that anyone looks at this blog anymore.
(I certainly don't- not until today at least.)

I skimmed through a lot of posts just now, checked out the comments, and did a stroll down memory lane. I was incredibly naive, but you all were so sweet to me. I know none of you will see this- but if for some reason you do, I hope that you know that I really, really, appreciated your friendship. I think these relationships would have worked out better if I paid more attention and tried to be more sensitive. Or, I don't know. It was definitely something wrong on my part.

For now, I'll make an update. I've been thinking a lot recently and I suppose I feel like ranting. I have a tumblr and all, but I don't feel that it's the right place for it.

An update...Collapse )
If I think of more to say tonight, I may post more. It's 2am- there are a lot of overthinking-moments at 2am, you know how it is.

Love you lots.

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05 October 2010 @ 06:44 pm
 But that's what DEVIANTART IS FOR. Right?
Right. But here's some more art anyways, for those who are lazy & do not want to look at my profile. Because well, my profile's boring. 
(P.S. Hot Entourage icons? YUM.)

{Don't Give In} - 2 OC's Theme: Blue                {I Like Stripes} - OC Theme: Cute
(No idea what their names should be, &         (Named Marky. Was bored. I like stripes.)
what gender they are. Har. Har.)                       
{Flashy Blacks and Whites} - Abstract Theme: Art      {All I Need} - Mat Kearney Theme: Realism
(Uh. Idk what this is. Was listening to some music,   (Mat, the most recent piece of realism I have, which
then BAM. Inspiration. Drew this, still don't know         isn't much of an improvement. But oh well.)
what it is.)

That's it for now.
Yeah, that was so interesting. (sarcasm.)

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26 September 2010 @ 01:33 am
Title: For Him
Author: kon_bl 
Pairing: Juntoshi (Jun/Ohno)
Rating: PG - for kissing
Disclaimer: Jun & Ohno don't belong to me, they belong to Johnny's entertainment.
Summary: After lots of hard work, the boys get a break for once. What does Ohno do? For once, it's not fishing.
A/N: I haven't wrote a fic in forever, and hell- I haven't been into Japanese entertainment in forever, so this is a sorry-gift to all those people who added me to read jpop fics. Here's to all the Arashi fans, here's to aloha_beautiful , kajalmonsta , carey_chan , yabaix  and more! I LOVE YOU GUYS. I LOVE ARASHI. I LOVE JUNTOSHI. AND I LOVE THE FEELING OF FINISHING A FIC. Gawd that feels good.


      Yeah, it's hard to discard fishing for a make-out session with one of the biggest Japanese celebrities out there.Collapse )

Comments much appreciated!
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