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The world spins madly on.


one & two & three
I am an artist. I spend most of my time in four poster and art-clad walls, situated in an apartment by the water. My specialty is doodles with the occasional photoshop edit, and I study at an art school full of people too cool for me. I'm a single pringle who falls in lovelust too easily, and has crushes on all types of people as long as they match up with my preferred personality traits. My obsessions aside from TV, art, and music, are collecting cups, drinking tea, staying up way past midnight, dancing in the kitchen, ochazuke, and daydreaming about weddings with celebrities two decades older than me. Also, my friends say that I'm nice, so please don't be afraid to strike up conversation!
one & two & three
This journal is mainly used for me to ramble about my life, however I also write fanfics (Juntoshi, Matsumiya, etc), make icons, and post occasional fanart. All my personal posts are f-locked, however any graphics, art, or fics aren't. I don't require any heads up if you'd like to add me, I accept everybody, though I don't think that my rambling is interesting at the least haha. Occasionally, I don't post for a week or more, since I had a hiatus for about a year or two, but now I'm back and as odd as ever. x
one & two & three
If you ever want to contact me in any other site, here are my accounts from a variety of sites. (Some may require for you to add me.)
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